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Innovation is part of the identity of MICROTECHNIC. Pioneer in the 80s of the “Bliscase" antitheft casing made of polycarbonate, and holder of many patents, the company has strengthened its teams in 2012 in order to structure its Research and Innovation activities.
Our capabilities in Innovation allow MICROTECHNIC to offer real added value to its customers from the upstream phase (Research). According to our "global" approach, we propose to support our industry partners from the idea and the corresponding expression of the need, to industrialization and product delivery.
Our department Innovation proposes a turnkey follow-up during the following steps:

  • Advanced Marketing (Analysis Market, Prospection)
  • Benchmarking (Market intelligence, Disassembly, Costing, Value Analysis)
  • Industrial Property (Industrial intelligence, Analysis of prior rights, Redaction of patents)
  • Creativity (Brainstorming, Ideation, Method of resolving problems ASIT / TRIZ)
  • Pre-Development and Industrial Strategy

With its expertise in plasturgy (injection, assembly) MICROTECHNIC is also positioned as an industrial partner for individual and creative entrepreneur.
Our Innovation service offers to help inventors, to transform simple idea into an industrial product, and build a robust business plan to ensure its commercial success.
Contact Innovation:
Vincent Gonin
Phone: +377 97 98 40 72