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Our “best cost” sites

MICROTECHNIC INTERNATIONAL TUNISIA (MIT) existing since 2005, includes together the “best cost” production units of the Group. These units are located in Kondar and Sousse.

Map Kondar Sousse Tunisia

Production Unit of Kondar

Access: 1.5 h from Tunis, 35 min from Sousse, 45 min from Monastir International Airport.
Plant area: 5,000 m2
Site area: 12,000 m2
Activity Status: Activity under offshore regulations
Unit production of the Kondar site includes: a thermoplastic injection workshop, an assembly workshop, and a maintenance workshop tools.
1 - Thermoplastic injection workshop
Production capacity is about of 160,000 hours per year with 27 horizontal and vertical presses with tonnage ranging from 50 to 350 tons.

2 - Assembly workshop
It includes production lines dedicated to specific customer's products. These lines make use of the following technologies:

  • Ultrasonic welding
  • Hot plate welding
  • Flow and leakage control
  • Pad printing
  • Cleanliness area

3 - Maintenance workshop tools
This workshop includes the following machines:

  • Laser welding
  • Wires machines
  • Electroerosion (hubbing)

Additionaly: Microtechnic has built a partnership with a french mold maker based in Sousse.

Zone Industrielle de Kondar
BP 73
4020 Kondar
Gouvernorat de Sousse
Tel:  +216 73 389 911 / 14
Fax: +216 73 389 915 

Airport Al Munastîr Tunisia

Production Unit of Sousse

Access: 1.5 from Tunis, 10 minutes from Monastir International Airport
Plant area: 2,200 m2
Site area: 3,000 m2
Activity Status: Activity under offshore regulations
Zone Industrielle Sidi Abdel Hamid
4000 Sousse
Gouvernatorat de Sousse